Sample Tracing

​Patient Photos: $20.00 US per patient

We will digitize your photos and organize them to the orthodontic standard of care.  All you need to do is either mail or email your patient photos to us and we will crop, cut, brighten, and digitally enhance and organize them for you.

Record storage

We automatically archive a digital copy of the cephalometric x-ray and a copy of the cephalometric analysis for 25 years.  You do not need to worry about saving or archiving your ceph or tracing ever again.  There is no charge for this service, it's complimentary with every analysis.  If you need a copy of an analysis that we have completed, simply contact us and we will get it to you via email, snail mail, or fax.

Terms of Agreement

Never trace another cephalometric x-ray again!

Never worry about record storage or archiving again!

Save time and effort by receiving all of your tracings via the Internet

We archive your patient records for 25 years

Only pay a small per patient records fee- no monthly fee, support fee or update fees

No ceph tracing software or hardware to purchase

​Cephalometric tracings: $38.00 US per ceph-includes any analyses you need

Superimposition: Free with the cost of PreTx and PostTx ceph tracings

We have made it as simple as possible for doctors and their staff to work with us.  Simply get the cephalometric x-ray to us in the easiest way for you- either email it or snail mail it.  That is it!  We scan or download it, analyze, trace, print, mail or email it back to you.  You will have the cephalometric analysis you requested emailed back to you within 2 business days you will have the ceph tracing you requested emailed back to you.


Services- Let Us Trace Your Ceph for You